Friday, 14 July 2006

Creation of Go On Girl Book Club Logo

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Logo Creator Earl Nathaniel Garrett, Jr. -- The Man Behind the Face

Those eyes, those lips, that hair! Who IS that, GIRL? That face gets them every time, and the genius behind our logo is Earl Nathaniel Garrett, Jr.
Back in 1990, after we settled on the amusingly serious club name, borrowed from the comic skit on the popular TV show In Living Color, Earl, husband of co-founder Lynda Johnson and artist extraordinaire, responded to the call to give our newly formed club a unique and inspired artistic touch. He created our girl, and now she is a club icon.

Earl Nathaniel Garrett, Jr. was educated in the New York City public school system and graduated from the High School of Art & Design. It was here he honed his natural artistic talent, which is evidenced in his many paintings, photography and lifestyle comic strips. He continued his craft as an adult at several New York art colleges, and his artwork holds pride of place in some of the most well respected art collections in the country.

When Earl wasn't creating art, he was a voracious reader, perusing everything from the daily newspapers and comic books to political analysis and spiritual prose. Also fond of old movies especially science fiction and action films, he was always prepared for a rousing debate on most any topic. Earl is remembered by all who knew him as the man with a huge smile, great wit and an infectious sense of humor. His wonderful inner spirit, love of life and tender love for his wife can be seen in our beautiful logo, a dynamic visual that never fails to capture attention.

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