Friday, 21 July 2006

Interpretation of Logo: 24/7 Customer Logo

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The logo elements

- The circle
- The baseline
- The colors

What the logo signifies?

The circle
Constantly on the move, working 24/7 Customer to increase business effectiveness for our customers. The circle signifies the wholesome 24/7 Customer service offering that promises that our customers and their customers will always be delighted by our services.

The baseline
Our baseline reaffirms that we as a company are focussed on our customer's primary asset, their customer. And we constantly strive to do whatever we can to ensure that they are taken care of. Which is why 'Your Customer. Our Passion."

The colors
The colors of the logo have been selected to symbolize our values.

- Red signifies energy and dynamism
- Blue represents technology, innovation and original thought
- Grey stands for strength of character and trustworthiness
- White is the balancing quality that makes all the elements coexist

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