Sunday, 4 March 2007

Logo History : CN Logo

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Evolution of CN's Logo

CN logo is the cornerstone of the,company’s visual identity. Because of its simplicity,and clarity, it stands out in all applications.It is our hope that this will symbolize the transmittal of simple, clear messages in all our communications.The CN logo stands out dramatically from its graphic surroundings because of its scale and positioning and because of the protective white space surrounding it. Significantly, no other design element—logo, wordmark or decorative element—competes with the logo for symbolic expression.

The CN logo is more than 40 years old. It has survived unchanged for all these years because it represents qualities that CN valued at the time, and indeed still values: efficient, seamless connections, smooth flow of traffic, clarity of purpose, openness, honesty, an eye on the future.The more often the logo is carefully displayed,and the more it stands out as the dominant corporate communicator, the more audiences will receive a clear, compelling message about CN. Above all, the CN logo is a symbol of quality service.

The CN logo, designed in 1960, is an enduring symbol of our commitmentto innovation. Its bold, modern look was considered by many at the time to be a risky departure from the norm in the rail industry. In October 2000, it was chosen as one of the “Top 50 Corporate Logos of All Time” by a prestigious international panel of business leaders, architects, graphic and industrial designers.

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