Friday, 15 May 2009

Logo History : WWF Panda Logo History

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WWF’s world renowned panda logo was designed by its founder chairman, the naturalist and painter Sir Peter Scott, in 1961. It was then that WWF-UK, the first national organisation in the WWF international network, was started.

The WWF logo has 77 per cent prompted awareness in the UK (Mori poll, August 2001)

The WWF logo has an immensely appealing and positive image, which is seen as caring,responsible and credible. This in turn means an inherent emotional and commercial value is attached to the use of our logo, reflecting our appeal and values.WWF’s name and logo can be used as a powerful product differentiation tool. Afterevaluation, WWF may allow an organisation to use the name and logo under four circumstances:

when the product directly supports our work by being at the leading edge of sustainable design;

• when WWF enters a full partnership with an organisation, promoting a product which
meets many different organisational goals and objectives;
• when the business has donated money to support our work; or
• when a company product generates income for WWF from licence royalties.

The text accompanying the logo will clearly state the nature of the relationship in order to maintain consistency, credibility and transparency. In accordance with the Charities Act, the commercial nature of any partnership has to be stated for public information. Unless otherwise stated, a business and industry relationship with WWF is not in itself an endorsement of a company or its products. It is, of course, essential that in any business relationship, WWF retains its integrity and identity

As the products sold in the WWF-UK Trading Catalogue fall within the scope of Panda
branding, they are also subject to environmental procurement criteria. The catalogue is a prime means of reaching a mass audience.

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