Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Creation of Logo: Wipro

Wipro is a company that commands a lot of respect in our country. Its growth from a simple vegetable Oil Company is simply superb. But here is a very small insight into Wipro's Logo History

The Creator:

The vibrant rainbow flower logo with the `Applying Thought' baseline was created by high profile designer,
Shombit Sengupta, the founder of Shining Emotional Surplus.

Meaning of the Logo:

Wipro logo depicts four values that would provide critical benefits to end users -- human values, integrity, innovative solutions and value for money.

The brightness of the 'Rainbow Flower' would manifest the corporation's value of integrity, while the rainbow's fresh appearance after the storm would reflect human values.

Everyone can relate to the rainbow because it's in nature. It's rare, but when it appears everyone can see it. This simplicity and rareness would comprise value for money. The central part of the flower denoting digital complexity would reflect the value of innovative solutions.

Contemporary Views:

The 'Rainbow Flower' looks feminine, 'Applying Thought' feels masculine and Wipro in the center complements both with the colours of life.

Rainbow Flower stands for,
1. Youthful & Energetic
2. Multifaceted
3. Innovative
4. Large – diversified
5. Vibrant

Applying Thought stands for,
1. Powerful
2. Intellectual
3. Futuristic – Visionary
4. Maturity
5. Commitment to Innovation

Significance of Colors:
Red: Blood, Life giving, Dynamic, Auspicious
Green: Fields, Prosperity, Freshness, Growth, Youth
Yellow: Sun, Warmth, Vitality, Aspirations
Violet: Intelligence, Innovation, Shrewdness, Mystery
Blue: Sky, Sea, Transparency, Natural

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