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History of Logo: Total Logo

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1953: Compagnie Fran├žaise de Raffinage registers the new Total brand in Paris.

1954: July 14 (Bastille Day) is chosen as the launch date for the "Super Carburant Total" brand. The first TOTAL logos emphasize its French nationality, with the name in red letters against a white background between two blue triangles. Marketing operations expand, and Total-branded products are introduced in different markets.

1955: A gas pump logo expands on the French theme, with a red flame on a blue circle against a white background.

1963: The shape of blue-white-red symbol is softened, and the new logo is known familiarly as the "soap bar".

1970: Still in three colors, the logo is redesigned to express greater stability and strength (larger characters, horizontal design), rather than the earlier era’s more martial spirit of conquest (no more diagonals).

1982: A new trademark block is introduced, broadening the previously patriotic symbolism. It combines strength (bright red, powerful font), assertiveness (diagonal stripes) and friendliness (warm orange).

1991: In June, the Group takes the name of the brand that identifies it in more than 80 countries worldwide.

1992: Without changing its spirit, the trademark block is rejuvenated with more energetic lettering. The interior is simplified and given more drive by eliminating rounded edges, while horizontal lines are lighter and the space between letters is reduced. The stripes are narrower, opening up the brand and making it more readable. The colors are sharper.

2003: After the successful completion of two mergers with PetroFina and Elf Aquitaine, the Group is renamed Total in May 2003 with a new visual identity and a new logo.

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