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Logo Meaning: Subaru Logo Meaning

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The Subaru Brand

What makes a Subaru, a Subaru?

A company’s brand is its most important asset. A brand is a leadership tool. It is a unique identity of your company and your business perspective. A brand defines your business, products and services you offer. It is a guarantee of quality. Your brand helps your business establish a relationship with customers and define your position in the market. The brand makes a promise to customers and key stakeholders that must be delivered at every touchpoint.

Brand identity is key to communicating the brand promise and is often the biggest investment into the success of a company. The consistent presentation of the brand and its related promise, when applied to advertising, literature, corporate collateral, presentations and websites, helps to connect our brand to our consumers.
This is executed in many ways, especially through the presentation of corporate logos and the use of a recognizable creative style.The goal is to provide consistency to enable our audiences to easily and clearly recognize who we are and what we stand for.

The Subaru Philosophy is to create customer excitement for what makes Subaru a smart and distinctive automotive brand - “What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru?” Our communications should reflect our brand image of fun, freedom, adventure, confidence and control. Along the way, we create passion and excitement that translates into lasting customer relationships and positions the Subaru brand for long-term success.

Explanation of the Subaru Star Cluster Logo

When Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (F.H.I.) entered the automobile industry in 1958, it established Subaru as its exclusive automobile brand. Since then, the Six Stars Symbol and SUBARU logo have supported several generations of Subaru cars. “Subaru” is the Japanese name for Pleiades, a prominent cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. The easily-recognized Pleiades cluster can be seen clearly in Japan’s winter skies to the right of Orion. As a result, Pleiades has served as a trusty guide for ancient travelers around the world throughout the ages.

The Star Cluster graphic is the symbol of the Subaru brand and when used in combination with the SUBARU logo type, it is the most important brand identity symbol. The design symbolizes the six brightest “Subaru stars” of the Pleiades cluster enclosed in an ellipse, indicating that it is just one part of the cluster.

The SUBARU logo type expresses the brand name and is used in combination with the Star Cluster graphic (excluding certain exceptions approved by F.H.I).

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