Sunday, 30 November 2008

Creation of Logo: Brussels Airlines Logo

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Brussels Airlines – a new generation airline
Brussels Airlines is the result of the alliance between SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express – an alliance that has existed since 2005 when the shareholdings of both airlines were placed within the single ownership group SN Airholding. Towards the beginning of 2006, the shareholders and board of directors decided on the innovative step of taking the two brands and forming one single airline.

Brussels Airlines is a new generation airline for a new generation of passenger, and as such it has inherited all its parents’ best points. Values such as flexibility, punctuality, reliability, excellent service, a multi-lingual personnel, guaranteed low cost fares and top quality are the order of the day every day at Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines’ product line-up is the result of an extensive survey of over 5,000 passengers, whose comments strongly indicated the need for a new and transparent one-way economy fare structure based on both cost saving and excellent service. Accordingly, Brussels Airlines is really about offering customers choice - as to how they fly – flexible with b.flex economy+, or guaranteed low cost with b.light economy; as to where they fly – our extensive European network of over 50 premium European destination and a further 13 African destinations; and as to what price they pay – our innovative evening sales, advance bookings and other promos ensure customers always get the deal they’re looking for.

Brussels Airlines: a new style

The new name is a perfect description of Brussels Airlines' activities, because, from its home base at Brussels Airport, the airline connects the capital of Europe with over 50 European destinations as well as several intercontinental networks. The logo, a "b" in a contemporary design style, symbolises both Brussels and Belgium.

In graphic terms, the "b" is made up of a series of ellipses that represent the extended network of the airline, as well as the ground lights on an airport runway.

The blue is a reminder of the values that are carried forward from SN Brussels Airlines while the red recalls the "low cost" colours of Virgin Express. In the airline sector, blue is generally reassuring and reliable while red is youthful and dynamic.

The new name will be presented to the public in Belgium with a TV spot, and across Europe with a campaign that will start January 2007. Until 24 March 2007 flights will be operated under the brand names SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express, and on the 25 March the first Brussels Airlines flight will take to the skies.

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