Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Logo History : PBS Logo Evolution

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Original pbs logo
This is the original PBS logo designed for PBS by Ian McCausland some 25 years ago. Here's a short story about the logo and the his chance word developing Rolling Stones posters:

"I've always supported alternative radio and David Heard (Acid Country program on PBS) was always generous in his support for the country band that I was playing in at that time (Chicken DeVille). So when it was suggested that I come up with a new design for the PBS logo I was only too happy to have a go. I suppose the logo is based somewhat on the 40's style of RKO Radio Pictures and Screen Gems designs - the globe being encircled by communication so to speak. I designed it in two colours (red & black) and I used a similar lettering style to the initial logo to give this new one a sense of continuity. It has been amended/changed/added to since the original design - taken on a life of it's own sorta.

As far as the Stones stuff, I was just lucky to be asked and luckier still to come up with artwork for their two tour posters that I was happy with." see Ian Mccausland website for more information.

PBS logo 3d transparancy
I found this on a slide transparency for projecting onto a wall. Nice 3d concept.

Animated PBS logo example
This one was thrown together by our marketing manager as a quick idea for you animators out there.

PBS logo on frisbee
This design was featured on the pbs frisbees we had made some time ago and offered as subscriber incentives.

Current PBS logo
This is the logo that we currently use. although we are looking to use something like the logo described below.

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