Thursday, 28 August 2008

Logo History : AandW Logo

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1919- plain glass mug was used without letters or words. The A&W name was not yet used

1921- The letters 'A&W' appeared raised on the glass mug.

1948- Red & Black Bulls Eye Logo on white background.

1961- Brown & Orange Bulls Eye Logo on white background.

1968- Orange & Brown oval Logo on white background.

1969- Removed white from behind the Orange & Brown Oval Logo.

1972- Map of United States in Orange with Brown divisions for states behind Orange & Brown oval logo.

1976- Returned to Orange & Brown Oval Logo on white background of 1968. Currently use this logo. ".

1994- Orange & Brown Oval Logo against a diamond with yellow, teal with the words "75 Years" and "Authentic Since 1919

1995- Return to Orange & Brown Oval Logo on white.

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