Friday, 8 August 2008

Creation of Logo: Nanango Shire Council Logo

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The Shire of Nanango was first constituted under the name of the Barambah Divisional Board when the colony of Queensland was split into divisions in 1879.

Nanango Shire began to be settled by Europeans in 1842 and Nanango was gazetted a town in 1848, making it the 4th oldest town in Queensland (you can read more about our early history here).
The Nanango Shire Council logo was crafted to reflect key elements of our Shire's history, industries and natural heritage. Here's a brief overview of its main symbolic elements:

Gold Fever

The gold in our logo represents the sun, which provides the energy for primary production and also evokes the early history of our Shire. James Nash found gold at Seven Mile Diggings in about 1865 and even today - over a century later - this pristine area still attracts many people wanting to find their own traces of alluvial gold.
The blue in our logo represents the sky and our waterways, which both offer a clean, healthy lifestyle for shire residents.

Wagon Wheel and Pasturelands

The wagon wheel symbolises the path that brought the first European settlers into the region - the Pioneers (after whom our annual Pioneer Festival is named).
And the green in our logo symbolises the pastures that cover most of the Shire today, reflecting our strong agricultural base of grazing and farming interests as well as the ongoing economic growth that occurred here from the early 1840's onwards.

Bunya Pine

Finally, the Bunya Pine tree represents the timber industry, which was a very important part of our Shire's early history and remains so to this day.
The Bunya Pine is also depicted reaching out and upwards to signify both our Shire's openness to new opportunities and our natural heritage. Most of the world-famous Bunya Mountains National Park lies within our Shire's boundaries.

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