Saturday, 14 July 2007

Interpretation of Singapore Management University Logo

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SMU Logo

The SMU Tangram Lion

SMU's lion represents the qualities of Leadership, Strength, Dignity, Wisdom and Loyalty. It also reflects the country original name of Singapura, or "Lion City". The face is depicted by means of a stylized tangram.

Traditionally, a tangram is a collection of seven geometric pieces set in a square. These pieces are moved to create a myriad of spatial possibilities, limited only by the scope of human ingenuity.

The symbol has been created to convey the University's position at the forefront of tertiary education in business management and in strategic partnership with leading universities overseas.

The deep blue colour is strong and classic. The use of gold in the identity brings in richness and lightness. The combination of colours also reflects the history of Singapore as mercantile trading seaport - Gold for wealth and Blue for the sea that made it possible.

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