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Logo History : ABN AMRO Bank Logo History

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What is the origin of the ABN AMRO name?

The ABN AMRO name is derived from the initials ABN (Algemene Bank Nederland) and AMRO (Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank), the founding banks of ABN AMRO in 1991.

What is the origin of the ABN AMRO logo?

In 1990, the logo plus typography and typeface was designed by Landor Associates. The shield symbolises reliability, tradition, protection and security, the colour combination green (turquoise), yellow and grey sets it apart from logos of predecessors and rivals while at the same time being very modern, distinguished and clear.

From 1964 to circa 1974 ABN Bank used as its logo, a combination of the two logos of its constituent banks: NHM's anchor plus date of establishment (1824) and the prancing horse of Twentsche Bank (and of the Twente region).

As part of a new corporate identity ABN Bank introduced a new logo in 1974-1975, a simple logotype, an abbreviation of its official name (Algemene Bank Nederland), in either the colour green or brown.

ABN AMRO announced on 13 February 2003 that its logo, the green and yellow shield, would be used worldwide as the common feature for its major brands. It will be combined with existing local names such as LaSalle Bank and Standard Federal Bank in the US, UK-based Hoare Govett, Alfred Berg in Scandinavia, Delbrück in Germany and the private banks NSMD and OBC in France. Moreover, these brands will be endorsed with the name of ABN AMRO. The new branding will make it easier to recognise these entities as members of the same group. It aligns the strong local names with the scope and expertise of the international parent, all sharing identical corporate values and business principles.

The introduction of this branding strategy follows the branding model chosen for Banco Real in Brazil, which was rebranded using the ABN AMRO logo after being acquired in 1998. In Brazil, this approach has proven to be highly successful.

ABN AMRO will formally launch the new brand name of its Italian subsidiary Banca Antonveneta and its new logo today amid an extensive marketing and advertising campaign and festivities in Italy for staff and clients.

Banca Antonveneta will be known as Antonveneta in branding and will carry the ABN AMRO shield, supported by the ABN AMRO endorsement. The shield symbolises reliability, tradition, protection and security.

In addition, Antonveneta will include in its marketing the tagline "Making More Possible," adopted globally by all ABN AMRO's businesses in February 2005. The tagline reflects the bank's commitment to supporting clients realise their ambitions.

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