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Logo History : Fiat Logo History

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The "Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino" company is founded in Turin, and a special poster is created to celebrate the event.At the top left of the poster, the artist includes a small parchment containing the company name.This very elaborate design eventually becomes the first FIAT logo.

FIAT decides to apply a proper logo on its cars: a small enamelled brass plate in the centre of which the name
FIAT appears, with the characteristic A, which has remained practically unchanged up to the present day.

The logo becomes oval in shape, taking on an original liberty style that continues to be produced until the 1920s.

The logo becomes circular, with the FIAT name in red on a white background.
The stylised laurel wreath around the outside is intended to celebrate FIAT’s victorious participation in the first competitive motor races.

The automotive project begins to dominate even in terms of communication, and the logo, from being circular and richly detailed, suddenly becomes a rectangle taken up almost entirely by the FIAT name.

The rectangular shape takes the form of a shield, a symbol rather more fitting for the radiator grilles on
the new models.
With a series of slight variations, this logo is used on FIAT cars up until 1968.

The logo featuring four blue rhombuses is adopted, a logo that was to become the main identifying element for the entire FIAT group.

The brand’s 100th anniversary sees a return to the style of the logo from the 1920s.
The version chosen has a blue background, a chrome-plated logo, with the characteristic A, and a more
stylised laurel wreath.

The new FIAT logo is launched, seen for the first time on the Bravo, and set to be used on all future
FIAT vehicles.

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