Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Creation of Logo: OppenheimerFunds Logo

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The OppenheimerFunds four-hands logo, adopted in 1964, has undergone subtle stylistic modifications over the decades yet its essence has remained intact as a symbol of the time-tested philosophy that has unwaveringly guided the Company through both up and down markets. Our logo depicts the "fireman's carry," in which four hands join together to provide greater strength and support than any one individual can provide alone—a representation of OppenheimerFunds' partnerships with both advisors and investors.

Dovetailing with the logo is OppenheimerFunds' tagline, The Right Way to Invest, which captures the Company's focus on integrity and principled investing as integral components of a long-term investment strategy. Used for the first time in 1997, The Right Way to Invest is more than just an advertising slogan: It embodies the way the Company and its employees consistently conduct business on behalf of the advisors and investors we serve. And, it captures the steadfast commitment of OppenheimerFunds employees to the Company's Principles of Investing, which shape how we approach the markets and manage money. Finally, The Right Way to Invest recognizes our reputation for investment excellence, which has been established over a nearly 50-year history of providing strong long-term results in even the most difficult market climates.

In 2006, the OppenheimerFunds name was ranked the fourth most recognized mutual fund brand in the U.S. (Nationwide Surveys)1.

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