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Logo History : Qantas Logo

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The original Kangaroo symbol appearing on Qantas aircraft was adapted from the Australian one penny coin. This design was used subsequently by TAA (later Australian Airlines) as part of its emblem and now features as the centrepiece of the roundel adopted by the Royal Australian Air Force in 1956. It later became part of the insignia of all Australia's Armed Services.

The kangaroo was painted beneath the cockpit of Qantas' first Liberator aircraft G-AGKT during its conversion at Brisbane's Archerfield airport in October 1944, following Qantas' decision to name its Indian Ocean passage the Kangaroo Service. The symbol featured on all later aircraft.

The winged kangaroo symbol was created by Sydney designer Gert Sellheim, and first appeared in January 1947 to coincide with Qantas' introduction of Lockheed L749 Constellations. These aircraft began operating on the UK service in December 1947. They were the first Qantas aircraft to carry the Flying Kangaroo and the first to operate right through to London with Qantas crews. The Flying Kangaroo was later placed in a circle.

In June 1984 Qantas unveiled an updated logo conceived by Tony Lunn of the Lunn Design Group, Sydney. The Flying Kangaroo lost its wings once again and was refined to a more slender, stylised presentation.

A logo created for the airline's 75th anniversary year was added to all Qantas jet aircraft in 1995. Designed by Ken Cato, it brought together the Flying Kangaroo symbol and the words '75 years' to mark Qantas' contribution to civil aviation.

In July 2007, Qantas unveiled a new interpretation of its iconic logo, designed to reflect the changing structure of the airline's new generation aircraft, and keeping with Qantas' increasing focus on contemporary design for its in-flight and on-the-ground products.

Designed by Hans Hulsbosch of Hulsbosch Communications, the new Flying Kangaroo is sleeker and more contoured than previous versions. The new logo will become the key element in the livery for the airline's fleet and identify Qantas throughout the world.

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