Monday, 30 July 2007

Logo History : Gimbal's Fine Candies Logo

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In 1898, Alexander Gimbal founded the Gimbal Candy Kitchen in busy downtown San Francisco. A year later, his two younger brothers, Louis and Eugene, joined him producing some of the finest, most distinctive candy available. At the very outset, Gimbal's made history as one of the first users of steam for cooking candy. Our process of cooking candy was advertised on a sign hanging above the original store that read: "Pacific Steam Candy Factory". This process of cooking candies, which remains virtually the unchanged over a century later, creates a much better product than the old method of heating with an open flame.

Over the next decades, business continued to grow and it became necessary to move to larger plant facilities. The utmost quality standards that Gimbal's maintained were very popular with finer retail outlets. During the early years, Gimbal's supplied the confectionery needs of the West Coast with such items as nickel candy bars, penny goods, jellies, and creams.

In 1930, two of Alexander Gimbal's sons, Raynor and Leroy, assumed management of Gimbal Brothers. With growing demand for Gimbal Brothers high quality candies, Gimbal's moved to its present location in South San Francisco in 1951. Today, it is fourth-generation Lance Gimbal, with the help of a team of talented employees, who continue the fine Gimbal's tradition.

All of us at Gimbal's Fine Candies are passionate about creating delectable treats. From old-time favorites, to fun and innovative new candies – everything we create here is still made with the same care and attention to detail we've had since the original Gimbal Candy Kitchen. After all, we've been sharing a moment of pure enjoyment since 1898.

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