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History of Logo: Messmer Brand

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The history of Messmer goes back to the year 1852, making it one of Germany's historically most valuable brandnames. A period of over 150 successful years on the market, weathering crises and asserting its place in the consumer's heart.


Eduard Messmer opens a delicatessen and colonial goods store in Baden-Baden offering exquisite black teas. It isn't long before the name Messmer stands for select and top quality.


Eduard Messmer is appointed Purveyor to the Emperor's Court.


Otto Messmer (born 1858) opens a branch store in Frankfurt am Main, specialised in
domestic tea trading.

Otto Messmer registers the trademark Thee Messmer, thus becoming the first brandname tea product. From now on, Messmer's select teas are highly regarded throughout the country.


Otto Messmer changes the trademark to Messmer's Thee.

On account of the outbreak of World War I and the import ban on black tea, Messmer begins producing a special German fermented herbal tea to which caffeine is added. This sub-brand, known as Stimula, enjoys great popularity.

Messmer becomes the largest German tea brand.


The brand logo is revamped, now featuring a band of colour below the name.

The invention of the tea-bag is patented.

Once World War II is over Messmer begins producing tea in greater volumes, re-establishing itself as a supplier of select tea specialities.

Messmer is first to launch dual-chamber tea-bag products on the market and makes a name for itself as a tea-bag manufacturer of very fine teas.

The Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft acquires Messmer. The head offices are relocated to the Seevetal area south of Hamburg.


The logo is changed yet again with the colour band being replaced by a roof. The new slogan reads, "Tea makes your day".

Green tea in tea-bags is launched.


The Messmer brandname and product design are completely overhauled and Messmer National Teas (Ovambo and Inca teas) launched.

The new brand slogan:


Messmer Ayurveda teas
(Kamaya, Manana and Ananda teas) are launched.


Messmer Moments teas are launched.


Messmer Source of Wellness teas are launched.


The first white tea in a tea-bag is launched.

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