Friday, 9 February 2007

Creation of Logo: The Big Fisherman Logo

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Our logo of the Big Fisherman has an interesting history. In 1972, Don Trachte stayed at our motel. He was one of the cartoonists who took over for the comic strip Oh Henry, when Carl Anderson, the original creator, retired.

At that time, my father, Donald Perry, would take our guests on dune tours in his truck. This was allowed then. Today, Art's Dune Tours is the only way to get out onto the dunes.

I often accompanied my father on these tours.. We would stop along the way, seeing bayberry bushes, wild rose hips and sea grasses. I would pick a small piece of these branches for our guests to see and smell as many people came from out of state and were not familiar with our native shrubs. Our trips would end at the Race Point Lighthouse with it's magnificent view of the ocean.

As a gift to me, Don Trachte once drew a picture of Henry painting a bayberry candle. To the left is a copy of the picture signed by Mr. Trachte.

My father once mentioned to Mr Trachte that he wanted to make a wooden sign for the Big Fisherman Motel. Mr Trachte offered to draw a sketch of an old fisherman. My Dad enlarged it and cut it out of wood. We had this sign for many years. Can you see a hint of Henry's face in our Big Fisherman sign?

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