Friday, 2 February 2007

Creation of Logo: Apple Logo

Here is the story of Apple's Logo, the logo that has forced all of us to "Think Different". Please send us a mail about this article.

First Generation Logo:

To the left is Apple’s first logo used to represent them. It shows Isaac Newton sitting below the Apple tree that inspired the thought of gravity.

As you can see Apple’s logos have far prog very recognisable, it sort of looks like someone has taken a picture off Google and just slapped the name ‘Apple Computer Co.’ across it. It’s a poor logo, it’s also a crowded logo with many different shades of black and grey. If Apple had kept this logo, they certainly would be as well known as they are today. Fortunately they only kept this logo for less than a year before progressing onto their next logo.

Second Generation Logo:

As you can see, this logo is far simpler and therefore much more recognisable as a logo. Apple used this logo ressed beyond that now. The logo is dark, looks old and isn’tfrom late 1976 to 1998 and is far much better example of logo design than the previous offer.

The actual shape would feature in every single Apple logo prior to 1976.

The use of colour in the logo meant that the logo dated , the multiple use of colours don’t go with each other, and while this wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 70’s and 80’s, maybe even early 90’s by 1998 the logo look old and outdated.

I think the idea of using multiple colours was originally used to portray the idea that Apple was a company that produced diverse products and was able to adapt to the constant changing demands of their markets.

Third Generation Logo:

1998 saw the 3rd generation of Apple’s logo. Even simpler than the previous design, the logo was now just a simple monochrome apple, in the same style as the previous one.

This logo was even simpler, it shows how logos have become more minimalistic, following the style of the products the company produces. I think it was important Apple changed their logo to match their products, it shows consistency and therefore a professional attitude.

Fourth Generation Logo:

As you can see from this logo, the same apple shape has been kept, but the logo itself has a m

ore rounded and smooth feel to it. While the logo has got more complicated, I don’t think it could have been made any simpler and still been recognisable as Apple’s logo.

The logo follows the style of Apple’s OS, very rounded almost glass-like appearance. Also a very subtle shadow has been added to the logo, to give it more depth.

The logo fits with Apple’s product from 2001 – 2007, very rounded, and soft on the eyes.

4.5 Generation Logo:

The final logo see’s another step in the other direction, the logo is now a simpler version of the previous one, it’s less dramatic and still recognisable.

With the last logo, it’s like Apple had to make their logo more complicated in order to simplify it. You can see on the previous logo how there is a reflection in the top half of the logo, which in this version is a lot more modern and crisp.

What I like about Apple's logos is their simplicity and the way they are consistent. Of course they're different each time, but you can always look at them and know that it represents Apple. This is an example of excellent logo design.

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